Locktech Security systems (LSS)  is consulting company well established in Tanzania. The company is equipped by professional staffs, and a pool of well qualified and experienced associate Consultants. This blend of consultants with wide experience in various disciplines equips the firm with the necessary abilities to provide consultancy services in the public and private sectors.

Company seems to be new to many of people, but it has well experienced and organize staff in security matters, this is due to the background of their occuation. Today all of our customers appreciates the services and none has to regreat. We therefore welcome you to join us and help us to secure your life and properties.

Our experience with consulting environment enables us to effectively deal with a wide spectrum of economic , commercial, information technology and social issues. We believe our broad network of available expertise is key qualification for providing clients  with services of highest standard.

We are well qualified to assist the Public sector and private sector development programs.